omg this is so exciting! Too excited for the next batch!

omg this is so exciting! Too excited for the next batch!

Omg this 
is so exciting! Too excited to do more!

Omg this
is so exciting! Too excited to do more!

Omg this 
is so interesting! Too excited to do more!

Omg this
is so interesting! Too excited to do more!

brickzALI, #brickzTAPE - Official Release

NYC emcee and poet brickzALI has released his latest project “#brickzTAPE" via his BandCamp page.

Filled to the brim with raw, down-to-earth lyrics and delivery as well as a mean selection of beats, “#brickzTAPE" is a must-have release for 2012. brickzALI represents real NYC hip-hop without crossing that line into the mainstream but still giving you a fresh, underground feel that isn’t to be considered “hipster rap”.

Download your free copy (donations welcome, of course) of “#brickzTAPE" at asap. Don’t sleep on this one.

brickzALI on Twitter and Facebook

"Hot Pudding", Buddy Peace - Limited Edition Cassette/Digital Download

Hot Pudding cover art

U.K. producer/DJ Buddy Peace has released “Hot Pudding”, a 60 minute limited edition beat tape.

Buddy Peace:

For the physical release, I have 100 cassettes ready to go, which will be issued on a strictly first come, first served basis….

The cassette version will come with a free download of the digital version- I know that not everyone has tape players these days, so you’ll still be able to rock the audio files from the Bandcamp page.

Image of Hot Pudding (Limited Edition Cassette)

Stream it now and order your copy of “Hot Pudding" at

Buddy Peace at Twitter and Facebook

"Ego’s Orbit", Illogic and Blockhead - Official Video

Preparing for Capture 2 cover art

Power duo Illogic & Blockhead have released the official video for “Ego’s Orbit" from their "Preparing for Capture" EP.

This video drops in anticipation of the release of “Preparing for Capture 2" which is available for pre-order now at You can also get your free dowload of “Preparing for Capture" while you’re there.

Illogic on Twitter and Facebook
Blockhead on Twitter and Facebook 

"The Mombie", Awol One - Children’s Book/CD & KickStarter Campaign

The one and only Tony “Awol One" Martin has started a Kick Stater page for his upcoming children’s book/CD ”The Mombie" written, illustrated, and composed by Uncle Awol himself.

Awol One:

"I feel that now is the best time to unleash my thought out creations onto the world and bring some morals ,family values, cool art and music to the youth.

This storybook is about The Mombie, and her friendly but weird family, and how they all deal with a new born baby. 

The cd that comes packaged with the book is a soundtrack to this story, and It’s produced and arranged entirely by me. The book is written like a rap, like a modern day Dr. Seuss.”

You can help by heading over to the Kick Stater page and donating to this awesome project. Awol has even decided to give out Backer Awards.

Check it out: 

The Mombie" is fun and family friendly independent arts project that’s worth backing. Give what you can if you can!

Awol One on Twitter and Facebook

Gel Roc, “Trust to Dust” - New Video

West coast indie rap mainstay Gel Roc has released “Trust to Dust”, the fourth video from his latest release “Beautiful Tragedy”.

Abolano Records:

It’s commonplace for Gel Roc to accurately describe the ebb and flow of life’s humble experiences in his music. A gift which has allowed him to dissect bigger pictures, stroke by stroke for his audience. With “Trust To Dust”, Gel's approach is to influence an understanding between the decisions we make and the things in life that we have no control over.

If you don’t already own this record then don’t sleep. Get your your copy of “Beautiful Tragedy" in digital format through iTunes or in physical via Fifth Element.

Gel Roc on Twitter and Facebook

Marcus Explains aka M.E., “Scroll 13” - New Video

U.K. emcee Marcus Explains aka M.E. has released his latest video “Scroll 13”.

Taken from from his “Elohymns - In The Master Key" EP, Marcus Explains delivers a wonderful video for a wonderfully written track. You can get your free download of “Scroll 13" via M.E.'s BandCamp here.

Marcus Explains aka M.E. on Twitter and Facebook

Aesop Rock, “Zero Dark Thirty” - Single/Video

Indie rap vet Aesop Rock has released “Zero Dark Thirty”, the first official single/video from his Rhymesayers Entertainment debut “Skelethon’.

Wholly produced by Aesop himself “Skelethon" is set to drop July 10 on Rhymesayers and will feature guest spots from Rob Sonic, DJ Big Whiz, Kimya Dawson and more. You can pre-order you copy of “Skelethon" here and download “Zero Dark Thirty" here.

Aesop Rock on Twitter and Facebook 

Illogic and Blockhead, “Preparing for Capture” - Free EP

Preparing for Capture cover art

Ohio wordsmith Illogic has teamed up with NYC beat monster Blockhead to release the free EP “Preparing for Capture”.

Preparing for Capture" is just the taster as this duo is in the works on releasing a full length follow up soon. You can download the EP for free on Illogic’s BandCamp page where there is also an option to buy a physical copy of the album (which comes with 2 bonus tracks and an 11X17 poster).

Illogic on Twitter and Facebook
Blockhead on Twitter and Facebook 

Truth Ali, “Deadbeat Revenge” - Premiere Single

Southeast emcee Truth Ali has premiered “Deadbeat Revenge”, the first single from his upcoming project “Braveheart Season 1”.

Braveheart Season 1" coming soon!

Truth Ali on Twitter and Facebook 

Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis & B. Dolan) - “2Bad”

2Bad”, the premiere joint from the recently formed hip-hop duo Epic Beard Men (Sage Francis and B. Dolan) has arrived. 

Production done by Reanimator and B. Dolan with Buddy Peace on the cuts.

Strange Famous Records:

What do indy rappers SAGE FRANCIS and B. DOLAN have to do with the “Epic Beard Man” internet meme? The group name was given to them by fans, but has probably stuck around because watching these two rock a live show together is like watching a grumpy homeless man turn into a human tornado and smash everything in sight….

"2BAD" is the first song released under the EBM moniker, and pays tribute to the graveyard of crumbs, trainwrecks, and also-rans that have come and gone through the years. One way or another, the Dummies have managed to Fuck Up, and "2BAD" salutes them all for the entertainment they provide. 

2Bad" (taken from B. Dolan's upcoming “House of Bees Vol. 2”) is hopefully just a taste of what’s to come from this monster collaborative effort. Pre-order packages of “House of Bees Vol. 2" are now available here as well as digital pre-orders right here.

B. Dolan on Facebook and Twitter
Sage Francis on Facebook and Twitter 

Brother B, “Kick Rocks” [ft. Truth Ali]

Today I’m proud to release “Kick Rocks”, the first single off my upcoming EP “Breaking… the Silence”. 

Featuring my good friend and North Carolina emcee Truth Ali, “Kick Rocks" is the first taste of things to come on "Breaking…" and beyond. I chose to use the Blockhead produced beat from Aesop Rock's “Nightlight" because of it’s monster guitars and heavy drums which fit perfectly with the straight-to-the-point and raw lyrics. 

Breaking… the Silence" is set to drop soon. Official release date TBA.

Brother B on Twitter and Facebook
Truth Ali on Twitter and Facebook 

B. Dolan, “Still Here” - “House of Bees Vol. 2” Leak

Strange Famous powerhouse B. Dolan brings us “Still Here" (produced by Buddy Peace), the first leak from his upcoming album “House of Bees Vol. 2”.

B. Dolan:

In 2010 my father was diagnosed with an extremely aggressive form of lung cancer and died within the span of 8 months. All of this happened at the same time SFR released ‘FALLEN HOUSE, SUNKEN CITY’, and I embarked on the most ambitious touring schedule of my career.  

Needless to say, that year was devastating in every way. For the first time since age 12, I found myself questioning what I do and considered walking away from it. I’ve always taken pride in the ‘dues paid’ for my art, but in the face of a loss that great, everything can suddenly seem too awful, too futile, and too difficult to continue doing.  

The beat used for “Still Here” was literally one of the most important parts of finally pulling myself out of that tailspin… Something about those bagpipes or whatever that sound is that Buddy sampled. I remember listening to it for the first time and feeling the hair on the back of my neck stand up. ‘They haven’t killed me yet.’ is the thought I immediately had when the beat dropped, and everything followed from there.

House of Bees Vol. 2" drops June 12 on Strange Famous Records. You can get your physical pre-orders here and digital pre-orders right here.

B. Dolan on Twitter and Facebook
Buddy Peace on Twitter